The "City of God"  annual conference is open to urban church leaders of all denominations: clergy, lay leadership, and non- profits alike.

The conference addresses key issues facing urban congregations with nationally-known keynote speakers, plenary discussions, reflections on the biblical Word in the City, pilgrimages to innovative ministry sites, and practical proposals for developing spirituality and servant ministry.

For information on this year’s conference contact Carolyn Bailey at


Want to see what the conference looks like? Click here to see a digital album that Rev. Nancy E. Muth, CFUM friend and City of God participant, recently made!



"The City of God" Conference

Unfortunatly, the 2013 Conference has been postponed until June 2014 due to a cancellation of our host site and our inability to secure a different location with such short notice.

This gut-wrentching decision deeply saddens us. Please “light candles" for our work, and for your work, through “City of God" and CFUM, Inc. We are grateful for you.

Be our ambassadors! If you know people who could benefit from the "City of God" conference, please send them to our website.
Our 2014 brochure will be ready for some time, but in the meantime click here to download the 2012 brochure to get a sense for what "City of God" is all about!